Talha Mirza

Talha Mirza Guitar Instructor Potomac Arts Academy

Jr. Instructor - Guitar


Talha Mirza has been studying guitar for 6 years and been composing for 3. His love for teaching began with his association with Music For Life where he taught students ages 8 – 13 and saw the impact music had on others.  Since then, he has also taught in local community centers and the Fairfax County Public School system. Now starting his third year at George Mason University, Talha is continuing to teach while pursuing Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Music Technology.

After receiving his Advanced Diploma from Robinson Secondary in 2015, Talha went on to George Mason University. He studied classical guitar under private instruction from Professor Larry Snitzler for a year before continuing his study with Professor Matt Trkula. His instruction from Professor Jessie Guessford in Music Technology and Composition has helped Talha in composing for award winning short films at University of Virginia and Cannes Film Festival in France.


For more information about Talha, call the office at 703-993-9889 or email academy@gmu.edu