Tips for Performing on Zoom

Student Recital Checklist

  • Change your Zoom advanced audio settings to performance mode.
    Click HERE to check your audio setting.
    IMPORTANT–This is a required step to ensure the best sound quality of your performance. If you have an external microphone, please also check your computer audio setting and disabled noise suppression.
  • Identify a designated space for your recital performance.
    Have a light source to be in front of you, such as facing toward a window. Mark the location of yourself and the device and practice at the location before the recital date.
  • Place your device in landscape orientation.
    Be sure your device is fully charged or is connected to a power source. If you are using a mobile device or a tablet, put your devices in airplane mode so that you do not get a random text or call during your performance.
  • Make sure the entire instrument is in the shot.
    If you have a bow, make sure the bow does not go out of the shot. The camera should be angled at the same level as you and your instrument.
  • Use an external speaker for your musical accompaniment track.
    If you are using a musical accompaniment recording, plan to use a second device (Bluetooth speaker recommended) to play the track. Rehearse with the music track a few times before the performance.
  • Performance Etiquette
    • Join Zoom 20 minutes early to check your sound and camera.
    • Dress in concert attire.
    • Take a bow, announce your name and the piece you will be playing.
    • After your performance, bow to the audience.

For Parents/Family Members

  • Watch our students perform in person and show your encouragement throughout their performance.
  • Be sure to silent your mobile devices.
  • If you would like to send a congratulatory note to our performers, please type in the chat and be sure to send your messages to both panelists and attendees so our performers can see them!