Acting Workshop for Adults- aaand ACTION!

Adults in acting class

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Matt Geske

Local actors, aspiring thespians, and theater “dabblers” alike can enjoy a great opportunity to hone their skills and discover their unique talents through our Adult Acting Workshop, starting Wednesday evenings in October. Teaching Artists Rebecca Wahls and Brittany Martz are fired up to begin!

Frequent collaborators in the professional theater community, Rebecca Wahls and Brittany Martz bring a strong combination of acting and directing experience to the class and are eager to help actors discover their own unique process.




“This class has served a wide variety of people very well,” says Rebecca. “Some people sign up looking for a refresher of acting basics before pursuing auditions, some want to gain confidence and public speaking skills to aid them at work – one even wanted to build stage presence for stand up comedy!”

Whatever your reason for joining, you are sure to gain new skills, build confidence and have fun! The 8-week session will conclude with a short performance. Sign up today!