Learn To Sing Like A Pro

Kids singing in voice class

Posted on September 07, 2018 by Alaina

Whether you are looking to improve your vocal skills to perform on stage, sing for the first time in your life, or as a young child take your first steps into the musical world, we have a Voice Class for you! Children, teens and adults can find their melody and harmony here at the Academy.

Students in every class can expect to be introduced to (or become reacquainted with) music fundamentals such as rhythm and pitch, vocal basics such as breath support and good technique, exposure to a variety of musical styles from around the world, and experience singing solo and in a group.

“For young singers, the element of play is vital for a good learning experience,” explained Jimmy Stevens, who teaches the voice classes for children. “I love to play games, and I love to make up games on the spot to reinforce what we are working on! If you join our class, expect to play!”

While our voice classes are an excellent place for vocalists to learn and grow, they also make wonderful supplements for actors/ theater students who are interested in performing musical theater, and for instrumentalists who are looking to improve their sense of phrasing and tone.


Voice class for adults


For our teen and adult classes, we welcome Mason Graduate Vocal candidates Sarah Jacob and Kari White, both coming with high recommendation from Mason School of Music Vocal Professor Patricia Miller.

Each 10-week session ends with a lively classroom performance for family and friends, something that Mr. Stevens particularly enjoys.

“Each time the students present something like an a cappella choir piece [no music, only vocal harmony],” said Mr. Stevens, “it always amazes me – and parents – how good it sounds and how much the students can grow in such a short period of time.”

To learn to “sing like a pro” takes years of training and experience, and there’s no better place to start than at the Academy! Our Fall 2018 session starts soon – sign up today!