Not Your Usual Song And Dance Number

Summer vocal camp for teens

Posted on May 04, 2018 by Matt Geske

At this summer’s Musical Theater Vocal Bootcamp, young singers will add new musical theater pieces to their repertoire, improve their skills as a singer/actor, and build confidence being on stage, while rehearsing in large groups, small ensembles and even solos – all leading up to a final concert featuring a collection of musical theater songs from various shows!

This year, the Bootcamp will be split into two age groups, ages 12-18 (July 9-13) and ages 7-11 (August 6-10),  allowing the teaching artists to focus on the best material for that age group and their specific developmental levels. Students will work on repertoire from classic hits all the way to very contemporary numbers. A great focus will be placed on healthy vocal technique, basic movement and acting – all from the point of view of telling the story behind a song.


Summer singing camp for kids


“I love the variety of songs that exist within the musical theater genre, and how a song can take you from energized and excited to introspective to lovesick to hopeful,” said Emi Eiting, director of the teen Bootcamp, and veteran performer and educator. “Musical theater songs offer us a great opportunity to explore the human condition–and to put ourselves in other peoples shoes for a while!”

“Our faculty are appearing in musicals in area theaters, and bringing these experiences back to share with our students,” explained Mary Lechter, director of Acting For Young People, which coordinates the  Bootcamp programs. “At bootcamp, we’ll work on the nuts and bolts of musical theater technique, really focusing on the process, how to polish that work, and be performance-ready.”



“A stand out memory from previous summers is seeing the final product come together,” stated Ms. Eiting. “Last year we had some really fun production numbers–sung, staged and with light choreo. Seeing those come to together was really awesome. I also loved how so many kids were interested in auditioning for solos–even those who I might not have expected! In the right environment – a safe, creative one – kids have the chance to take risks, and I would like to think that I am able to create that environment for my students.”

Are you ready to sing a lot, move a lot, and have a lot of fun? Whether you like to sing as part of a group or be a solo star, there’s a place for you to grow as a singer and performer at Musical Theater Vocal Bootcamp. Plus, family and friends will enjoy the final concert in Mason’s Harris Theatre on Friday!