Reasons to Give

The Elizabeth Curtis Excellence Fund
for the Mason Community Arts Academy

The Academy’s accomplishments under Libby’s leadership are well known: a thriving arts organization; the thousands of students we reach every year; our national and international impact made through instrument donations. In addition to all of these, there are so many incredible things Libby has done quietly, behind the scenes. From building and nurturing her dedicated staff, to advocating for the Academy with the University and beyond, to developing longtime relationships with our talented instructors: these actions, large and small, are countless, and we will be forever grateful to her for all of them. 

Libby strives for excellence every step of the way. On behalf of the MCAA staff, we’re thrilled to share that we are renaming our scholarship fund in honor of Libby as she retires after 14 years of extraordinary leadership. The Elizabeth Curtis Excellence Fund for the Mason Community Arts Academy will allow us to carry on Libby’s dedication to accessible arts education, by providing funds to deserving students who might not otherwise be able to afford classes, summer programs, or private music instruction. We invite you to consider a gift in acknowledgement of Libby, helping us continue this important part of our mission going forward.

Online donations are made via a George Mason University Foundation portal, and donors will receive an official Thank You letter from Mason.

We depend on donations to help fund our programs.
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