Academy Young Artist Finding Her Passion in Arts

Five years after discovering her love of art, Neda Cengiz, a third grader at Eagle View Elementary School, was awarded with “Outstanding Artist Award at Fairfax Pyramid Art Show” in April. Her winning ingredients: determination and patience.

Whether it’s making special gifts or art pieces for her family members and friends, Neda’s love for the arts started at a young age. Her parents discovered Neda’s talent when she was four and recognized her passion in various art media, colors, and charcoal drawings.


Neda Cengiz


“Her first word was ‘everything,’” said Dr. Mahmut Cengiz, Neda Cengiz’s father who is a faculty member at George Mason University’s School of Policy and Government. “Seeing art in everything makes her love art more. She wants to eternalize her memories by drawing them the way she sees it.”

Believing students who are good at both art and science use their brains effectively, Neda’s parents hope that art helps to improve her social and intellectual skills.


Neda Cengiz


With full support from her parents, Neda continues to explore different types of art, and her parents quickly realized that they cannot answer some of her specific questions.

“That is why we have preferred Mason Community Arts Academy, who is professionally providing various art programs.” said Dr. Cengiz.


Neda Cengiz


In the past two years, Neda has enjoyed improving her art skills by attending various academy programs such as Art Foundations for Children (Ages 8-11) and Creative Discoveries Summer Camp (Ages 6-8). In July, Neda will attend the Stop Motion Animation Studio Summer Camp (Ages 9-12) where she will continue to improve her art skills.

“She wants to be a professional in charcoal and nature drawings,” said Dr. Cengiz, “We will be supporting her interest in art. We are proud of her determination and patience in pursuing art.”