Elementary Students On Campus For Art Class

Community outreach art class for kids

Posted on April 13, 2018 by Matt Geske

For the past several years, the Academy has worked with Hunters Woods Elementary School in Reston, VA to provide enriching arts experiences for under served students, titled “Saturday School for the Arts”. This year’s program included a special trip to the Mason Fairfax Campus for an art class in the School of Art.

On February 10th, approximately 40 students, plus teacher and parent chaperones, from Hunters Woods came to campus to meet Dr. Justin Sutters, Mason School of Art Professor of Art Education (and Art Liaison to the Academy), and his select team of Art Education majors. Eager students tried a variety of printing techniques to create original art works and had a great time interacting with the university students. For the Art Education majors, it was an energetic and eye-opening opportunity to gain insights into teaching art to young people in a classroom setting.


Community outreach art class


The Saturday School for the Arts at Hunters Woods is one of several community outreach initiatives of the Academy, whose mission includes providing access to quality arts education and experiences to all members of the community, regardless of circumstance. Our ability to sustain these important programs is dependent in part on support from generous individuals like you. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift today!