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Film Composer Brings Hollywood To Mason This Summer

Hollywood film and TV composer and Mason alum Vincent Oppido (whose orchestration credits include Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2) returns to Mason this summer to present “The Art of Filmscoring” to musically advanced high school students, where they will explore the techniques and software used in composing music for a motion picture!

This exciting new summer workshop, June 25-29, will include studying scores and sketches of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and others, rescoring select scenes from motion pictures, 2 or 3 SKYPE sessions with industry professionals (composer assistant turned composer, orchestrator, music copyist), a review of college programs that are devoted to Film Scoring, and discussions about work opportunities in Los Angeles for young/emerging composers after college.

Mr. Oppido has scored numerous films, some of which have screened at film festivals around the world, including Charlie Joe’s Hotel Motel (Hollywood Film Festival and Madrid International Film Festival – nominated for Best Short Film), Cineastes (Greek Film Festival), and Lovely Day (Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival), Panofsky’s Complaint (winner of Best Score in ‘Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood’). During the summer of 2012, he participated in the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis (It), which culminated with the recording of his music on the legendary 20th Century Fox Scoring Stage. Also during that summer, Oppido provided additional orchestrations and music preparation for the Tom Hanks-starring film, Cloud Atlas. He has also orchestrated on film and TV shows such as Agents of ShieldBlack SailsTimelessGuardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 and Under the Silver Lake. In addition to composing and conducting, Oppido worked as a music copyist and proofreader in Los Angeles, CA, working on such projects as Star Wars VII: The Force AwakensThe Book Thief, both the 2013 and 2014 Academy AwardsFamily Guy, and The Simpsons.



“The best part for me is experiencing a young composer’s musical growth throughout the workshop,” explained Mr. Oppido, who used to teach Music Composition classes for teens at Mason Community Arts Academy (formerly Potomac Arts Academy) several years ago while completing his own studies at Mason.

Highlights of the program for young composers and film enthusiasts include:

  • Discovery of new musical ideas
  • Insight into the many facets of the film scoring industry (composer, orchestrator, music copyist, assistant, intern, etc)
  • The opportunity to rescore a scene and receive feedback
  • Exposure to classical repertoire and film scores perhaps not known by a young composer
  • An opportunity to dissect how your favorite composers have scored your favorite films

If you are a high school student with strong musical experience/ background – especially those who have taken our Music Composition Explorations Workshop before – and a love for movies, this program is for you! Get a taste of Hollywood this summer at “The Art of Filmscoring”.