Fullbright Scholar Talks to Young Gamers

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Matt Geske

Visiting Fullbright Scholar Tania Ouariachi Peralta, a PhD Student from Spain’s University of Granada, recently led a discussion about connecting serious games and environmental issues with Mason Game & Technology Academy students.




On Saturday, April 23rd, Ms. Peralta, Fulbright Visiting Scholar from Mason’s Center for Climate Change Communication, was joined by seventeen MGTA students ages 11 to 18 for a mock game design project and brainstorming session. The students were asked to imagine that they were working together as a game design company and, in this scenario, their company was asked to make a serious game about climate change, the environment, and pollution. They had to brainstorm and collaborate together to come up with elements that they could add to a game about these issues that would engage the player, create an emotional investment, and inspire the player to make changes in their real life based on what they learned in the game.




The discussion was a huge success! Not only did the Scholar glean a lot of great information for her own research, but the students themselves were inspired as they began writing down additional gaming elements that could be added to assist these three criteria, and they continued sharing their ideas with their classmates. Furthermore, several parents and MGTA teachers also began their own discussions on what sort of games they could make that would be able to make a real difference.




Pictures of this event are now up on our Facebook page, along with photos from our Spring Semester weekend classes.


We at MGTA wish Tania all the best in her future research and thank her for joining us for this very insightful talk!



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