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Posted on December 14, 2018 by Matt Geske

Whether you or your family has taken a program with us, donated an instrument, or been a loyal supporter of the Academy, you have already made a difference in someone’s life through the arts! As the end of the year approaches, there is still time for you to further your impact by contributing to our Annual Fundraiser.

As the Academy looks back over the last ten years, starting from 300 registrants in 2008 to now reaching over 4,200 registrants and 2,600 event attendees each year, we believe we are just at the beginning of our journey as a major force in arts education in our region. So, let us share with you why we continue to support the Academy and why we think you should too!


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You can help us reach our $50,000 fundraising goal and bring quality and life-changing programs to even more members of our community and beyond! Your financial donations will support:


Please consider a donation by giving online through our George Mason University Foundation portal – thank you!

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