Photography Camps Develop Skills And Focus Goals

Summer photography camp

Posted on May 11, 2018 by Matt Geske

Our summer Photography Studios for teens are back with a vengeance, with an Intro to Traditional Photography, two weeks of Intro to Digital Photography, and a brand new JumpstART Advanced Photography program. Students will learn skills and techniques used by professional photographers to “up their game” and have a ton of fun!

Taught by photographers and Mason School of Art alum Jason Wellington and Arthur Reinaltt, the one-week programs will take place in the Art & Design Building on the Mason Fairfax campus, where students will have the opportunity to work in Mason’s professional darkroom and lighting studio. Program dates are:


Photography camp for teens


“When I was introduced to photography back in 2007, it really changed my direction of life forever. I fell in love with a media of art that not only become a passion, but it became a career,” explained Mr. Reinaltt, who has also taught art classes for children and teens with the Mason Community Arts Academy for several years. “Exposure is everything [no pun intended?], so take the opportunity to develop your creativity through an introduction to photography!”

Students will get experience directing and creating scenes for photography shoots, making light boxes from recycled materials, working with props/ costumes, photo developing and editing, and more. There may also be guest artist discussions from other professionals in the field, and possible internship opportunities.


Digital photography camp


“In this world of social media, one simple desire can become a career,” stated Mr. Reinaltt. “With apps like Instagram and Facebook, you can be well known and even develop your own photography brand. Your child will gain an insight into photography outside of just pushing a button and throwing a filter. I want this to be a way for anyone to be able to make a career out of photography, even if it means starting off with some free professional photos for local shops using their home made light box.” [laughs]

The new Advanced Photography program directed by Mr. Wellington is intended as a “next step” for those who have taken the Intro courses already or have a certain level of previous experience, and the curriculum will build on skills and concepts learned in both the Digital and Traditional methods. Those who are considering a possible future career in Photography are strongly encouraged to join!