Photography Camps Give Teens The Tools To Express Themselves

Our line-up of summer photography camps includes Digital Photography Intro (June 17-21 or July 22-26), Traditional Photography Intro (July 15-19) and Advanced Photography (July 29-Aug 2). Each program is designed to give students ages 13-18 techniques and skills to create great and thoughtful photos, and the instructors encourage unique ideas and expression.

Mason Graduate Art student Sam Fedorova (aka “Strange Lens”) brings her unique perspective and talents to the Digital and Traditional courses, utilizing the Darkroom and computer labs in Mason’s School of Art, located on the Mason Fairfax campus in Fairfax, VA (in the Washington, DC Metro area). Mason alum Jason Wellington returns to teach the Advanced course, which includes both digital and traditional aspects.



In the Intro courses, students will learn basic photo skills, how to use a variety of darkroom (traditional) and digital techniques, and software for editing and creating their own unique photo pieces.

“Along with all of the important basics, I will be encouraging creativity and experimentation,” explained Ms. Fedorova.

In the Advanced course, students will learn advanced digital and analog photography, Photoshop, and studio lighting techniques. Techniques like free lensing, light painting, and double exposures will be explored.

“Students will gain one on one training in the art of photography,” stated Mr. Wellington. “They will learn how to express themselves visually through photography.”


Artwork at summer photography camp


“The part when they showcase their work at the end is very exciting because we’re able to see the progress students have made through the week and how unique everyone’s vision and style are!” exclaimed Ms. Fedorova.

“I absolutely enjoy seeing the amazing work that the students create,” said Mr. Wellington. “Having students return from previous years and seeing how much they have improved is really rewarding.”


Art Photo Flier 2019


If you would like to go beyond “selfies” and learn the artistic approach to photography, the Intro programs will teach you basic skills, encourage your creativity, and also be a whole lot of fun. The Advanced course will teach you photography tips and tricks to make one of a kind images!




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