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Summer Screenwriting Brings Great Characters To Life

Are you a creative writer, playwright, and/or storyteller between the ages of 11 and 18? The Summer Screenwriting Workshop, June 24-28, 2019, can help you create and develop amazing characters, translate stories and dialogue into tv and movie ready scripts, and give you tools to transfer your ideas and plotlines to the written page.

George Mason University Professor Amanda Kraus leads this exciting program, in collaboration with Mason’s Film & Video Studies Program. Located on the Mason Fairfax campus in Fairfax, VA (in the Washington, DC Metro area), the workshop uses the university classrooms in the Art & Design Building.



With the underlying theme that good stories come from great characters, the topic of character development is one that is heavily emphasized, discussed and explored.

“Your child can look forward to a fun structured camp where they learn the fundamentals of good story telling,” stated Professor Kraus.


Students reading at summer Screenwriting camp


“I love working with the students and seeing their ideas come to life throughout the workshop,” said Ms. Kraus. “One of my favorite parts is on the last day, when they do the performed table reads of their scripts, and also the a-ha moment when they realize how to break down the structure of a story.”


Summer Screenwriting Workshop 2019 Flier


Another fun feature of the program is that selected final scripts will have a chance to be used in the following Filmmaking Workshops, where the stories and characters will come to life on the screen in several edited versions.

“Good stories come from great characters and great characters come from living your best life,” proclaimed Professor Kraus. “What inspires you? Write about it!”




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