Summer Art Studio Builds Portfolio Success

Art students making sculptures

Posted on April 12, 2017 by Matt Geske

The JumpstART Advanced Summer Studio is intended to supplement and/or add new art experiences to high school students’ prior art education and to guide them in building a well-rounded, exemplary personal portfolio.

“The rationale is to provide participants opportunities to work with materials and processes that are not often available in public school settings due to space or access to certain technologies,” explains Program Director and instructor Justin Sutters. “The School of Art facilities at Mason allow us to explore some of those genres.” Dr. Sutters is the Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program in Art Education at George Mason University.

To achieve this scope of learning, we are offering two separate weeks of JumpstART, the first week focusing on two-dimensional works (or 2-D), and the second week focusing more on three-dimensional works (or 3-D). Students can sign up for either or both weeks!


Art students at summer camp


July 24 – 18, 2017 : 2-D Course
Students will explore various printmaking processes that take advantage of what a college studio has to offer, including large presses. Students will engage in carving and completing an edition of relief prints through a reductive process. Students will also explore various monotype and drypoint processes that combine drawing, painting and printmaking. Opportunities to experiment with other materials that result in mixed-media outcomes will also be encouraged.

July 31 – Aug 4, 2017: 3-D Course*
Students will begin with an exploration of the clay medium and create a slab construction that will eventually be bisque-fired and then painted. Students will also explore other constructive processes by making wire armatures and covering them with various molding materials for a free-standing sculpture. The students will be encouraged to think critically about their entire process from initial sketches to documenting their final work through photography.

*This second week also has a “Residential” option (for an extra fee), which includes on-campus housing, meals and special evening activities for the full university experience!


Summer art program students creating art


“I recently had the fortune of being a juror for the Regional Scholastic Art Awards and viewed over 100 art portfolios of local high school junior and seniors,” said  Dr. Sutters. “I was amazed at both the breadth and depth of their work. As such, JumpstART is intended to assist students that are interested in exploring new media and creating pieces that could eventually be included in various portfolio review processes, especially college admissions.”

Both of these one-week summer intensives are designed to guide students towards college preparation, but are open to all creative teens regardless of college intentions. We look forward to having you join us on the Mason Fairfax campus. Register now and get a “jumpstart” on your art!