Summer Kodaly Program Uplifts Music Teachers And Their Classrooms

Kodaly workshop for music teachers

Posted on April 24, 2018 by Matt Geske

The Kodály Teacher Training program at Mason has been a life-changing, transformative boost to K-12 music and choral teachers for many years. Using folk song materials and other curriculum endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators, our faculty provide you with resources to help your students come alive as never before, with their singing improving dramatically by the end of year one!

The Kodály Level courses I, II and III are the core courses of Kodály Training. Participants are able to take one two-week level course per summer (with “For-Credit” and “Non-Credit options), with this year’s dates being July 16-27, 2018. Courses are packed full of information, hands-on experiential learning activities, homework assignments (pre-course assignments and on-site assignments), and a participant presentation on the final Friday. Participants who successfully complete Level III will receive an official Kodály Certificate from Mason.


Music teacher training workshop


“Kodály training makes your classroom teaching better and easier,” explained long-time Program Director and Mason faculty Robbin Marcus, “but more importantly, Kodály training improves your personal musicianship to a level you might not have thought possible in such a short time.”

Accompnaying Ms. Marcus, other faculty members include Vicki Dohrmann, along with Ginger Albertson and Beth Anne Young.  We also welcome Mason Kodály program alum Sarah Nalls Meadows who will be taking the baton from Ms. Ivy Rawlins Ward this year for the Solfege portion of the program. Learn more about the faculty

“Well, as Director of the Kodály program, there have been lots of interesting moments over the last 11 years!” Ms. Marcus stated. “One of the things I truly love to see each year is the bonding of the Levels students – participants come together to support each other, help each other, and cheer each other on throughout the two weeks. Last year during our program, we had two family deaths occur – and my father had passed away the week before the Kodály program began. The tenderness and kindness exhibited by the participants and the faculty toward all the bereaved was incredible, truly memorable, and simply beautiful to witness.”

“I love the last day!” exclaimed Ms. Marcus. “Participants and faculty come together to sing and share what we have been learning with our families and friends. It’s such a lovely culmination of the entire program.”



The program takes place on the Mason campus in Fairfax, VA, in the School of Music classrooms, with an on-site Bookstore provided by West Music. On-campus housing is also available (for a limited time). Spaces are limited – sign up now!

Alexander Technique and Brush Up Your Kodály supplemental courses also offered, July 9-13, 2018!