Violin Bootcamp 2020: Practice and Performance

Posted on February 28, 2020 by Zi Wang

Back for its sixth summer, Violin Bootcamp will once again offer intermediate and advanced violin students the opportunity and space to hone their musical craft, from examining at the basics of violin technique to reaching for new heights of musical artistry and maturity. The focused learning environment, expert instruction, and supportive peer group will help each violinist grow as a musician.

The faculty strongly encourages students to apply for both weeks of Violin Bootcamp for the most integrated and immersive experience possible. (Students are also welcome to apply for only one week. Please consult your private teacher and our directors if you have questions about which week would be the right one for you this summer.)



Week 1 will focus on strengthening fundamentals and developing more advanced techniques in the context of scales, etudes, and exercises. Topics covered may include posture, left-hand frame, shifting, vibrato, basic and advanced bow strokes. Workshops will teach various approaches to organizing and strategizing practice as well as audition preparation techniques.



Week 2 will focus on honing the skills needed to bring music to life in front of an audience. Students should come with a polished, memorized piece so they can focus on creating their performance (not learning the notes!) this week. Students will learn techniques for developing their stage presence, crafting a musical interpretation that goes beyond the notes on the page, and managing performance nerves and anxiety. Daily piano rehearsals with professional collaborative pianists will enable students to study their entire piece and prepare for a confident and artistic performance for family and friends at the end of the week.