Why Is Minecraft Modding So Popular?

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Matt Geske

MGTA Program Director Vera Lichtenberg explains why our Minecraft Modding courses are in such high demand all year round – Fall, Spring and Summer. Students (and parents) rush to claim their spot before the infamous “Please Join the Waitlist” message appears.

(Please note that we encourage you to join the waitlist if a course is full, as we are often able to contact you when a space opens up or if additional space becomes available!)

In a recent interview featured in Northern Virginia magazine, Ms. Lichtenberg provided some insights into the Minecraft Modding phenomenon:

“Our Minecraft Modding classes provide a unique student driven programming experience, where our students are able to progress from introductory to advanced Java programming. First, they learn to edit Java code, and then move more deeply into Java programming, while creating increasingly more complex and customized Minecraft Mods.

We know our program is a success because our students keep returning – we even have High School students who have taken our courses come back and tell us that they learned coding tricks that they used in their AP programming classes. Additionally, parents tell us that they don’t want screen time to be a lonely experience for their kids, and they appreciate the opportunity for their kids to socialize with other like-minded kids.

Our students enjoy working together on projects, and they get a chance to present their work to their peers. This experience instills confidence, enhances communication and collaboration skills, and best of all, in many cases, builds lasting friendships.”

Although the Spring Minecraft course is already full, the Summer camp courses are now open for registration. Don’t dealy – claim your spot today. You can also take advantage of our Split Payment option, where you pay half now, and the other half is charged on June 1st!




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