Acting Fun Challenges

Posted on March 26, 2020 by Zi Wang

Discover your acting potential and create fun memories with family or friends while at home. Our Acting for Young People staff provides a new challenge each week for your next game time, movie night, or pajama dance party. Share your experience and be sure to tag the Academy and AFYP on Facebook or Instagram with #AFYPforFunChallenge.


Challenge #1: The Hand-wash Song
Did you wash your hands today? CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, and we are looking for the catchiest 20-second song from “Lion King.” Sing, record, and share with us on social media with #AFYPWashesOurHands.


Challenge #2: Listen to A Musical
Listen to a musical that you haven’t heard before and imagine the story told through songs. Share with us your thoughts with #AFYPforFunChallenge. Here are some musicals to begin with:


Challenge #3: Theater Games for Everyone
These fun theater games will make you move your body and think creatively. Be sure to share with us fun photos and videos on social media with #AFYPforFunChallenge or via email at

Zip-Zap-Zop—In a circle, send the energy by pointing at another person. The first sender says “Zip,” the next person says “Zap,” and the next says “Zop.” The cycle starts over. Find your rhythm and see if you can speed up without messing up the words.

What Are You Doing?—The first person acts out an everyday action without any words or noises, such as baking a cake or walking a dog. The next person asks “What are you doing?” The first person tells them anything other than the action they are doing, such as “I’m playing baseball.” The questioner must pantomime that action. Level up by going unusual or silly actions, such as “I am wrestling an alligator,” or “I’m walking on the moon.”

2-/3-/4-Headed Monster—This monster knows all the answers to any question, but each head can only say one word at a time. The goal is to create a logical answer although not necessarily true!

Press Conference—One person leaves the room. The rest of the players decide which famous person they are. When the “celebrity” returns, the other players ask questions that contain clues until the “celebrity” can guess who they are. The “celebrity” still needs to answer the questions (or make up answers) while they are trying to guess.


Challenge #4: Create Something
Create something—a painting, a dance, decorate a cake, make shadow puppets, design a costume, etc—inspired by a song from a musical. Be sure to share what you create and the title of the song that inspired you!

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