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Cellist Releases Albums to Share Peace and Encouragement

Music lovers can now add four new albums to their playlist for some uplifting spirit! Academy Cello Teaching Artist, David Chentian, has released new digital albums highlighting the sound of the instrument.

Like many performing artists, Mr. Chentian, a professional chamber musician and soloist, lost most of his performance opportunities when performing venues shut down to protect the public’s safety due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden transition struck him both emotionally and spiritually.

“Usually I have lots of symphony concerts and recitals, but most of my live performances have been canceled or delayed,” said Mr. Chentian.

Although Mr. Chentian couldn’t perform in front of his audiences, the sound of the cello has brought him peace and inspired him to move forward each time when he plays at home. The idea of recording albums to deliver special love and encouragement to everyone and the front-line responders became the obvious project for him.

“Cello is a unique and beautiful instrument with a special spirit and gorgeous voice,” said Mr. Chentian. “I hope the albums can inspire listeners to love this beautiful instrument and bring peace to their ripples of emotions.”



Mr. Chentian recorded and released four albums, “Cello Spirit,” “Charming Cello,” “Melodious Cellotune,” and “Magnificent Cello.” The music selections reflected his performing style with an emphasis on clean, accurate, and elegant presentation of the instrument. Each album includes a diverse range of tracks from throughout music history, including works from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras.

Mr. Chentian is a soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician who has performed across the nation. He is a member of several orchestras in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore region. At the Academy, Mr, Chentian teaches private cello lessons. His students have earned honors at competitions including the American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition and Joseph and Goldie Feder Memorial String Competition and have won principal chairs in their school orchestras. 



The recording sessions have brought challenges different than those involved in live performance for Mr. Chentian, and he says that it trained him to be patient and resilient. He rehearsed multiple times with his collaborative pianist before ever entering the recording studio.

“When you have a recording session, you want to make it as perfect as it will be,” said Mr. Chentian. “One tiny little mistake could force me to erase the whole track and record everything again.”

Despite the time and energy required to record an album, Mr. Chentian recommends any aspiring musicians to record an album when they can. As a professional performing artist, he sees these recordings help to keep a musician’s digital presence, where the listeners could meet the artist through music, and it can bring performance opportunities and promote one’s reputation.



As an instructor, Mr. Chentian advised young musicians who wish to record their albums to be patient and taking one step at a time to reach this goal. “Be patient about the recording sessions, it might take a long time, but sufficient practice and rehearsals will lead to a successful recording session. As their instructor, I will listen to their performance recording and give them advice to improve specific tough phrases, rhythm, intonation, articulations, and dynamics. It all comes down to basic technique and performing skills.”

Mr. Chentian’s albums are now available in Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify.

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