New Trombone Camp Has All The Bells & Whistles

Summer trombone camp for teens

Posted on April 06, 2018 by Matt Geske

Or should we say, all the bells, crooks, slide sections and mouthpieces?! Led by Mason Professor Matt Neff and guest artist Sean Reusch, the brand new Mason Summer Trombone Academy promises to provide high school trombone players with a musical feast of fundamentals, warm-ups, sound production, friendships, and even a trombone choir!

The Academy is part of Summer Music Intensive Week at Mason, June 18-22, and takes place in Mason’s School of Music, where Matt Neff (pictured below) is a Professor of Trombone.

“It’s going to be a fantastic week of learning and playing the trombone — and making some new friends!” exclaimed Mr. Neff. “Along with fundamentals and rehearsals, there will be discussions and discovery of different fields in music, as well as future opportunities for trombonists that may not pursue music as a major/career.”


Matt Neff, Trombone camp


Sean Reusch has enjoyed a varied career and enjoys performing many types of music including solo, chamber, orchestral, studio, commercial, musical theater, and jazz. As an educator, Mr. Reusch has been on faculty at University of California San Diego, San Diego State University, Point Loma Nazarene University, and Palomar College, and the Idyllwild Arts Academy. He also manages the website Trombone 101, a great resource for trombone players and educators.

Forming lasting friendships is an important theme for the week, according to Mr. Neff. “I am thrilled to be co-leading with a trombone friend I made back in college – nearly 30 years ago!” he said. “Sean Reusch is a fantastic artist and respected educator in southern California.The fact that I’m bringing my college friend in all the way from California to lead the Trombone Academy is a testament to our theme that playing trombone is more than great music – it’s a foundation for some really great friendships!”

Mr. Neff and Mr. Reusch are passionate educators – teaching middle school through graduate school level trombonists. Together, they have taught hundreds of trombonists – some going to conservatories and prominent music schools as music majors, some going on to other fields but still participating in their college music ensembles.


Summer trombone program


All participants will play in a mass trombone choir – with an opportunity for trombone playing parents/ siblings/teachers to sit in. There will be some smaller groups as well to make sure everyone gets the right challenge. The week will finish with a special final performance for family and friends.

“You do not have to want to be a music major for this camp… you just have to enjoy playing trombone!” Mr. Neff emphasized. “Aside from the many professional musicians I know, I also know doctors, lawyers, business men & women, teachers and government workers that all still play trombone. My first job was in an ice cream shop – owned by a trombone player! Sean Reusch did his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, continued playing throughout his undergrad and ended up at a conservatory for his Master’s Degree. Trombone players tend to be fun, social people. Come play some trombone, learn a little, and make some friends!”


There is also a Residential Option for this program!