Summer Screenwriting Camp Builds Characters

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Posted on April 27, 2018 by Matt Geske

For Mason Film & Video Studies Professor Amanda Kraus, it’s all about building character – or better said, “characters” – when writing a good script, as she will demonstrate in this summer’s Screenwriting Workshop, which focuses on creative writing techniques for movies and television.

The workshop dates are July 9-13, and it is open to kids and teens ages 11-18. Due to the large age range, students will be divided into teams accordingly. Character development, plot and dialogue will be explored as students try their hand at writing their own scripts.

“Your child will learn that great stories come from great characters,” explained Ms. Kraus. “We will focus on how to develop these characters that ultimately audiences will love and care about and become invested in. In the end, they will learn how to be a better writer!”


Summer screenwriting workshop for kids


Some fun elements of the program include the “Getting to Know Your Character” exercise, group brainstorming sessions, and the opportunity for creatively minded students to collaborate/ write together.

At the end of the week, the students will present staged readings of their scripts to parents, families and friends. “The reading of the scripts on the last day is one of my favorite moments, as both a teacher and a scriptwriter,” said Ms. Kraus.



To add an extra bit of excitement, through a voting process, a few of the scripts will have a chance to be produced and filmed in the following Filmmaking Workshops! Although it is not required, many Screenwriting students will also register for the two-week film workshop to have a complete summer experience.




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