Vivace Takes Musicians Up A Level

Vivace Program

Posted on September 11, 2018 by Claire Allen

This Fall, the Academy is proud to introduce an exciting new program called Vivace! Musicianship, geared to dedicated music students who are looking to enhance their musical studies. Conceived by music faculty members and developed by a collaboration among all our music faculty and the administrative staff, Vivace! offers to take students to a new level of skills, understanding and performance.

Vivace! consists of an Art of Music class for students at every age level which will teach them about music outside of the simple mechanics of playing their instrument or singing. The course will cover ear training, music theory, keyboard skills, music history, and will also give them the opportunity to have workshops with professors from the Mason’s School of Music. Older students will participate in Chamber Music in the Spring semester, where they will develop their teamwork and leadership skills, learn enriching chamber music repertoire together, and have extra performance opportunities outside of our annual recitals.


Student ensemble performing at a recital


Leading Vivace! are Academy Piano faculty Masha Feygelson (the Vivace! coordinator) and Misha Tumanov (the Art of Music teacher).

“I am thrilled to be coordinating Vivace!, our highly anticipated program for serious young musicians,” said Ms. Feygelson. “Our goal with this program is to offer a step beyond private lessons, and provide a comprehensive, well-rounded musical education at Mason Arts. Vivace! is for any student looking to expand his or her knowledge and appreciation of music.”

“So many times during lessons students ask why? — Why did Beethoven write B-sharp instead of C? Why does Tchaikovsky’s music sound so different from Bach’s? Why is 4/4 time signature sometimes written as C?” added Mr. Tumanov. “There are so many fascinating why’s and how’s and who’s in the world of music, but as every teacher knows, there’s never enough time in a lesson. These questions are not just interesting, they are essential for learning, understanding, and enjoying music to the fullest. Besides learning about the history and theory of music, students will also train their ears to listen for and sing intervals, chords, and melodies. I am very excited to be working with this group of talented young musicians this semester!”


Music students discussing music


A few spots remain in the Vivace! program for the 2018-2019 school year, which is scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 20th. The program is open to music students Grades 7-12 (older group) who are enrolled in a weekly 45 or 60 minute private lesson (at the Academy), and Grades 4-6 (younger group) who are enrolled in a weekly private lesson of any length.