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Helpful Tools For Summer Camp Schedules

Posted on 03.02.2017 by Matt Geske

Filling your child's summer with imaginative and educational summer programs is a rewarding task, b...

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Two donated guitars

Musical Instrument Sculpture Project

Posted on 13.01.2017 by Matt Geske

A handful of musical instruments that are donated through our Instruments in the Attic program are d...

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Portrait by artist Nathan Loda

Oil Painting Instructor in the News

Posted on 13.01.2017 by Matt Geske

Oil Painting class instructor Nathan Loda is getting a lot of good buzz from a recent commissioned p...

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Music Student Recital Group Photo

Winter 2016 Recitals Dec 10 & 11

Posted on 02.12.2016 by Matt Geske

Our exciting Winter 2016 Student Recital & Showcase Weekend is coming up on Saturday, December 1...

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Art Teacher teaching adult painting class

Oil Painting Class for Adults this Spring

Posted on 18.11.2016 by Matt Geske

Pablo Picasso famously stated "Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once the...

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Art and the Environment Class

Spring 2017 Class Daily Schedule

Posted on 04.11.2016 by Matt Geske

UPDATED DECEMBER 2, 2016 Spring 2017 group classes will begin in February, and registration for M...

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Art and the Environment Class

Art Foundations Class Eco-Art Project

Posted on 21.10.2016 by Matt Geske

This past week, Art Foundations (Ages 8-11) class instructor Rachel Wiseman took her students outsid...

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Painting of dog by Nathan Loda

Fall Visual Art Classes Start This Saturday

Posted on 23.09.2016 by Matt Geske

ABOVE: Photo of a pet portrait by Nathan Loda Our fall session of visual art programs begins tom...

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Violin student performing

Spring Recital Weekend Is Coming!

Posted on 13.05.2016 by Matt Geske

Music recitals, Theater performances and Art show, OH MY! Potomac's Spring 2016 Recital & Showca...

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Photography student

Summer Photography Camps for Teens

Posted on 22.04.2016 by Matt Geske

Mason School of Art professor Stephanie Booth is presenting two Photography workshops for ages 13-18...

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