Play In A Small Chamber Music Ensemble

String Trio ensemble

Posted on January 27, 2017 by Matt Geske


Students who learn chamber music tend to advance more quickly in their studies. Learning and performing chamber music builds confidence, teamwork, and leadership abilities while developing every essential musical skill: sense of pitch, rhythm, and tone. These skills will cross over to a student’s solo performances and orchestral experiences, making them a much better musician overall.

Currently available for Strings, Piano and Guitar students enrolled in private lessons at Potomac Arts Academy or another studio.



Chamber music is one of the most rewarding, challenging, and amazing parts about being a musician. A chamber ensemble is a group of 3-6 musicians, playing one to a part, who perform without a conductor. Unlike orchestra, there is no one else playing the same part as you, so you have to know your part thoroughly! However, unlike solo performance, you are playing with others as part of a team. The repertoire written for chamber ensembles is among the most beautiful and unique in the body of classical compositions.

How does this all happen? At Potomac Arts Academy, students are placed in a group based on their ages, playing levels, and availability. The coaches work with their private music teachers to select music that is both accessible and appropriate for the group as a whole. Students learn their parts individually at home, and then come to coachings with their parts well-prepared! Then, the real work of bringing the music to life can begin.


Chamber music ensemble rehearsal


In a chamber ensemble coaching, teachers work with the students in a number of different ways:


The registration deadline for our Spring Semester 2017 is fast approaching. Register now to get enrolled and to be placed in an available group!



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