Due to COVID-19 our offices have migrated to tele-work. For questions, please email the Academy at academy@gmu.edu. All private lessons and some classes are now online. Unfortunately, some classes have been canceled. Please check your email for details and updates. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay well everyone!


Kids singing in voice class

Learn To Sing Like A Pro

Posted on 07.09.2018 by Claire Allen

Whether you are looking to improve your vocal skills to perform on stage, sing for the first time in...

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Creative Writing illustration

Creative Writing – Can We Pencil You In?

Posted on 07.09.2018 by Matt Geske

A teenager makes a documentary about his mysterious friend with agoraphobia. A rag-tag group of ...

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Enchanted Pumpkins Logo

Young Children Get “Theater Cred”

Posted on 24.08.2018 by Matt Geske

Young actors ages 5-6 have a wonderful opportunity to act in The Enchanted Pumpkins, the "Mini Actor...

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Fall and Spring Arts Classes at the Academy

Fall 2018 Classes Are Open For Registration!

Posted on 03.08.2018 by Matt Geske

We are happy to announce that our Fall 2018 Semester schedule of community arts classes, lessons and...

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Theater tech summer camp

Technical Theater Boot Camp Is Back This Summer

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Matt Geske

Technical Theater Boot Camp returns to the Hylton Performing Arts Center in July, where students lea...

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Student music recitals

Spring 2018 Recitals & Shows, June 2 & 3

Posted on 18.05.2018 by Matt Geske

Our Spring 2018 Student Recital & Showcase Weekend celebration is coming up on Saturday, June ...

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AFYP presents Cherry Tree Lane

Cherry Tree Lane, Sunday, May 6th

Posted on 04.05.2018 by Matt Geske

Acting For Young People presents "An Afternoon on Cherry Tree Lane" - a fun collection of sample son...

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Summer vocal camp for teens

Not Your Usual Song And Dance Number

Posted on 04.05.2018 by Matt Geske

At this summer's Musical Theater Vocal Bootcamp, young singers will add new musical theater pieces t...

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Summer acting camp for kids

Summer Theater Camps Want Kids To “Act Up”

Posted on 04.05.2018 by Matt Geske

The series of Summer Acting Camps presented by Acting For Young People are some of our most popular ...

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Screenwriting Sample

Summer Screenwriting Camp Builds Characters

Posted on 27.04.2018 by Matt Geske

For Mason Film & Video Studies Professor Amanda Kraus, it's all about building character - or be...

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